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Dickens and Impact

A free, online conference exploring the legacy of Dickens

A tiny Dickens doll lands in a massive impact crater

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th September 2020, The University of Buckingham

Conference ProgrammeTo register as an attendee for each day (or for panels within each day), click on the ZOOM links below. Speakers will be sent separate joining instructions

Thursday, 17th SeptemberDAY 1 ZOOM LINK

14:00 BST Introduction to Conference J Drew, P Orford
14:15 Opening Address Ian Dickens, President of the International Dickens Fellowship

Panel 1 – The Impact of Dickens on 20th-century Fiction in English
14:30 Katie Bell – Dark Humour in the works of Charles Dickens and Flannery O’Connor
14:50 Jo Turner – ‘Let me behold what I shall be, in days to come!’: The Afterlife of Ebenezer Scrooge in Marie Corelli’s The Strange Visitation
15:10 Deborah Siddoway – ‘Bleak House, the fact that Esther gets smallpox…’: Dickens in Ducks, Newburyport
15:30 General Q&A – please join in!

Panel 2 – The Impact of Dickens on International 20th-century Fiction
16:00 Megumi Kumagai – Where is Dickens?: The Absence of Charles Dickens in Neo-Victorian Representations of Japanese Subculture
16:20 Ahmed Diaa Dardir – The Many Lives of Dickens: Arab Counterpoints and Echoes of the Dickensian Text tbc
16:40 Mithal Challab – The Echoes of Dickensian Character in the Modern Iraqi Novel
17:00 General Q&A – please join in!

Panel 3 – The Impact of Dickens on Heritage and the Environment
17:30 Helena Kelly – You are now entering Charles Dickens country: The Mystery of the Medway Towns
17:50 Emily Smith – Housing Dickens’s Legacy: An Exploration into the portrayal of Dickens within the Charles Dickens Museum pre-recorded
18:10 Lee Jackson – That Old Curiosity Shop: Inventing “Dickens’s London”
18:30 General Q&A – please join in!

19:00 Inside the Dickens Museum – Virtual Tour of the Charles Dickens Museum London, with the curator Louisa Price

Friday, 18th SeptemberDAY 2 ZOOM LINK

Panel 4 – The Impact of Dickens in the Digital Humanities
14:30 Julie Kane – Encoding Esther: the Evolution of a Digital Humanities
14:50 Anne-Marie Millim and Marten Düring – ‘Dickens in Switzerland and Luxembourg: Assessing Impact via the Impresso Digital Newspaper-Mining Tool’
15:10 Claire Wood & Hugo Bowles – An Introduction to ‘The Dickens Code’
15:30 General Q&A – please join in!

Panel 5 – The Impact of Dickens on his City
16:00 Carolyn Vellenga Berman – Dickens and Democracy in the Age of Paper
16:20 Alice Turner – ‘Don’t fret your eyelids’ –  Dickens’s Cockneys and their Influence on Popular Culture
16:40 Joanna Hofer-Robinson – Dickensian Afterlives and the Demolition of Field Lane
17:00 General Q&A – please join in!

Panel 6 – Impact Roundtables
17:30 Dickens Journals Online: Text Correctors Forum
17:50 Dickens Journals Online: Serial Readalong Participants Forum
18:10 The Drood Inquiry: Participants Forum
18:30 General Q&A – please join in!

Grande Finale
19:00 Launch of new University of Buckingham Digital Dickens resource
19:15 Final Remarks: J Drew, P Orford

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